Monday, July 13, 2009

Self Portrait

I recently purchased a drawing video showcasing Burton Silverman, a true fine art master of our day and an illustration master from yesterday. He uses this toned paper and white and black charcoal a lot, so I wanted to try it out with my own twist.

I have been trying to focus on drawing lately. Back in art school, you draw for hours each day and for the years that I have been out of school, I have been trying to squeeze as much painting in as possible that I forgot how great it was to just sketch and draw (you don't have to worry about dry time, or stretching canvas, or setting up your work area . . . . you just grab a pencil and go).


leah moore said...

cool! is this for the magazine?

Ryan Mellody said...

Yup, the "Emerging Artists" issue of Southwest Art comes out in September.

Clint said...

Hey man,

Very nice and groovy web site. I like the thing you did with the flash on the framed work. . .. all good.


Michelle Rollins said...

i really love this. i wish i had one of myself. nice work.