Saturday, September 20, 2008

South Kent

I keep up with the blog of California artist, Jeremy Lipking. He is one of the best painters alive and he was just up in CT doing some painting. He and a few friends were painting in South Kent at Bull's Bridge (Richard Schmid did a fairly famous painting of this very area) After seeing some pictures of the area, I decided to take a drive up and paint for the day. To make a long story short, I started to paint at the edge of the river and I accidentally bumped my easel which caused it to start falling into the rapids. I saved my easel, but lost a tube of white paint and the canvas in the river. I also dropped my glass palette in the process and it shattered into pieces. So after a miserable 30 minutes I got in my car and found a little grocery store and picked up a junky disposable camera and snapped a few shots of the river and bridges. The below is the first painting from those pictures - hopefully you'll see more soon.


Peggi Habets said...

Funny story, and you even ended up with a great painting. I found your blog because I too follow Jeremy's work. I enjoyed reading through yours and looking at your wonderful artwork. Ryan's portrait is exquisite. Nice work.

taaron parsons said...

nice work ryan. a triumphant end to a tragic, yet comedic story. way to overcome the elements.

troyatlarge said...

Beat up by the elements! Lol Reminded me of a day I had, early on, when the dog ran over my box of pastels, sending them flying, while he tore off after a rabbit – while trying to get them collected back into the box my study, along with the aluminium easel on which it was attached, took off like a kite in a wind gust. Had a string been attached to it I probably could have flown it for awhile – lol – good stuff learning is. Thanks for the knowledge I'm not alone in having such days : )