Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technical Insights: Daniel Gerhartz

Dan has started a blog that highlights the technical thoughts behind some of the paintings from his recent book. There are two posts so far, and both have great insights and close-up imagery.

Hopefully Dan keeps this up, I would love to read more from him and start to create a personal resource of all of these posts for my library.

For Dan's Blog visit:

If you like the idea of saving these (or any webpage) for yourself, you could use Joliprint to convert the pages into pdf's. It's what I use, and it generally does a pretty good job -- a whole lot easier then copying and pasting everything into word or something. I then print them off and stuff them in a folder or notebook. (this makes me feel very studious, like I'm in fifth grade cutting out news articles or something)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adam Clague Painting Demo

A fellow artist and college classmate of mine, Adam Clague has been documenting his process as he works through a two figure painting. It reminds me of a Morgan Weistling setup (two school-aged children), but with a nice balance of loose, thin and thick brushwork. It's definitely worth the look and I think Adam is quickly becoming a really fantastic painter and someone to keep your eye on. Find it all on his blog,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google Art Project - Another Video

If you keep up with any other art blogs, or seen the news over the past couple days, I'm sure your aware of the mind-blowing Google Art Project. If you want to read more about it's features, Matthew Innis's blog goes into good detail.

What got me really interested in it was the quality images of the paintings. I wanted to find out about these "Gigapixel" images that they use, and just in general, how they photographed the paintings. Sadly, I can't find much information about the specific equipment and setup, but I did see a couple videos of the Google team setting up and creating the images. I'll keep searching for someone who can answer technical questions, but until then, the below Google earth video from 2009 has some insights.