Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jeremy Lipking Demo

I went to Arcadia Gallery this Saturday to watch a demo by Jeremy Lipking. There were at least 50 people crammed into the gallery for the 2 hour demo, and after almost the first hour being taken up by set-up, discussion, and the initial stages of painting, Jeremy was still able to get incredibly far with it (The photo below is the final painting).

In the crowd I also saw Michael Klein, Dorian Vallejo, and several other artists. If you haven't had a chance to view Lipkings current show, try and make it down to the gallery, or view the paintings at Arcadia's site by clicking the "current exhibition" link. Thanks to Steve and the rest of the team over at Arcadia for making this event possible, it was a real treat.


Lauren said...

What a treat!

Just out of curiosity, did he mix up his skintones into little piles before he started painting or did he mix as he went through the portrait?

Ryan Mellody said...

Hi Lauren,
He mixed all of his colors as he went along. Mixing first a general flesh tone in the center of the palette and then warming and cooling it down as he did a rough block-in of the head. After that, he started right in with some finish color and strokes. The only color that he did pre-mix was his usual Ultramarine Blue-Alizarin-White mixture that he uses to cool down a color without changing much of its value. Hope that helps . . .