Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technical Insights: Daniel Gerhartz

Dan has started a blog that highlights the technical thoughts behind some of the paintings from his recent book. There are two posts so far, and both have great insights and close-up imagery.

Hopefully Dan keeps this up, I would love to read more from him and start to create a personal resource of all of these posts for my library.

For Dan's Blog visit:

If you like the idea of saving these (or any webpage) for yourself, you could use Joliprint to convert the pages into pdf's. It's what I use, and it generally does a pretty good job -- a whole lot easier then copying and pasting everything into word or something. I then print them off and stuff them in a folder or notebook. (this makes me feel very studious, like I'm in fifth grade cutting out news articles or something)


Candace X. Moore said...

Another outstanding post, Ryan. At the risk of gushing, your content is absolutely first-rate.

Joliprint is news to me. A great idea for collating good blog info. I tend to send the good posts as links to my e-mail account, then open them again later for a second read, hoping that will help me retain the key info. A bit time consuming. Will give the Joliprint a try.

Also, very interested to follow Dan Gerhartz's blog, an incredible artist. Thanks again.

KEH said...

i recently saw that gerhertz has a blog as well. As for the saving posts I have a suggustion for you: I'm an internet fanatic and have tons of stuff I keep track of online so a few years ago I found out about diigo and it has been a total life saver for organizing and collecting info online. It lets you book mark, highlight text, create "sticky notes" and more. I wrote more in depth about it here in this post hope that helps you both good luck!


Pam Perras said...

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