Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Snapdragons Still Life

Snapdragons, 16 x 20

I was up in Vermont a couple weeks ago, catching up with a few of the Putney Painters. I started the above still life during the day, and was able to wrapped it up a few days ago.

 Rosemary Ladd's Start

John Smith's standard still life in a drawer set-up

Close-up of Snapdragons


Judy P. said...

Lovely snapdragons, great brushstrokes! Do you use any medium, or is it just paint?

Ryan Mellody said...

Thanks Judy. I didn't use any medium for this one . . . although I usually have some with me at all times, I tend to use it only for a loose, transparent dark background.

I have been playing around with various mediums over the years and have narrowed it down to this:

1). For general thin painting (to help for a quick sketch or something) I use just refined linseed oil.

2). For the loose backgrounds and other "effects" I use either the Mayer formula (1 part damar, 1 part stand oil, 5 parts rectified turpentine) or Winsor & Newton painting medium (Not Liquin!)

Hope that helps. - Ryan

constance said...

your snapdragons painting is really beautiful!