Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Putney Painters - Nov 13

Artist Katie Swatland posed for us this past Saturday and Richard set up a pose that was both a great study on whites and also design. In my painting below, I never got to the whites, but I'm really looking forward to finishing up this painting and learning more about the colors and temperatures I can play with.

Richards glasses got destroyed on the road outside the Barn the week before and his new glasses hadn't come in yet . . . so, he basically couldn't see the model or his painting. Because of that, he tried to start a painting but ended up wiping it out after a session and then did a quick monochrome for Katie. I was able to snap a photo of each -- still pretty good for someone who couldn't see!


Below are two in-process photos from my painting. I'll definetly be finishing this painting sometime in the next couple weeks and will keep you posted.

To close, artist Charlie Hunter jumped out to the front steps of the Barn to do a little sketching. This guy has such a great sketchbook, each little drawing deserves a frame.

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troyatlarge said...

You are so very lucky. I went to a local art club, the only one around these parts, only to discover their “get together” times are only about selling quilts and baked goods to raise money to help fund kids going to art school. I was told they do not do “art” as such because everyone does their own thing. Just to be able to split the cost of models and be around minds who interest is directed to expression through this sort of art – yes, you are very lucky indeed.