Saturday, November 17, 2012

Abbotsford House

I had the privilege to work with Richard Schmid and West Wind Fine Art to film and edit this short video for Richard's recent masterwork, "Abbotsford House, the home of Sir Walter Scott." All the footage here was shot either in Scotland, where he painted several studies from life, or from the American unveiling and exhibition that was held in Wichita this past September. Enjoy!

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troyatlarge said...

Wow, that was very different. My brain has been fully engaged in trying to ring out just a little more understanding about replication of direct vision, so of course my eye turns at times to Schmid and the painters around him – then I see this where we have a studio painting based off of a direct work – like a majorly unexpected change in gears to my psyche! Lol

I would like to know more about the properties of studio paint via a field study. I have noticed that after I try hard on a drawing, sometimes I can walk away and sometime later return, without the subject, and make marks that improve the effort – but I don't have a very clear understanding of it intellectually – its like an intuitive knowledge that begs for the light or=f reason shed upon it as well. It would be so interesting to see and hear more on this process of creating such a studio painting from those of you who are, as a rule, direct painters.

Thanks for you for sharing.