Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Troy Stafford

If you love painting, chances are you also have a soft spot for framing.

One of the biggest names in custom frame making these days is Troy Stafford and his New Hampshire based company Stafford Frame Makers. He's been making frames for Jeremy Lipking, Michael Klein, Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik and countless other master artists, and it's easy to see why these artists and galleries are flocking to Troy and his amazing craftsmanship.

I just ran across a photo gallery of his frames (which include many that I have not seen before), and I was just amazed at the beauty of his work. It's probably rare to say this, but I think as a whole, we artists better get our act together and start painting things that are worthy of these frames, because in many cases, the frame is more inspiring than the art.

To see the gallery, go here


Troy Stafford said...

Ryan, You are very kind to post this. I appreciate it very much. Warm regards, Troy

Anonymous said...

I looked at this post and then took a look at Mr. Stafford's website and was blown away. Not only are the frames absolutely beautiful, but the craftsmanship and design is unheard of these days. Very inspiring indeed.