Friday, May 13, 2011

American Masters at SCNY

I was in NYC today for some business and had the opportunity to stop at the Salmagundi Club and see the American Masters show. To my surprise, Nancy Guzik's finished painting of me playing my guitar was in the show.

To see where she had previously left the painting, check out this old post.

Some of the highlights of the show was a portrait by David Leffel, some paintings by Quang Ho, and a few Schmid paintings.

Since I just had a post on Rose Frantzen, I also took some photos of her painting from the show. . . that reflection is pretty cool!

To learn more about the club, go to their site

Close-up of Daniel Gerhartz



Ryan, Your posts are a wonderful Blessing to me . .. . Nora

Albert. S said...

Great post Ryan. It's nice to see pictures of some of these functions that personally for me would almost be impossible to get to. Appreciate your write up and ideas you put out there and of course the time to post on here. Keep it up...I really enjoy your blog.